Three Kinds of Church Growth

Internal Growth

This is growth in Grace. Out of the good treasure of a good man’s heart, be brings forth good fruit. If you want to bring forth more fruit, then increase the treasure in your heart. In our local churches we want to put value into people. We want to see them grow to the place where they reproduce themselves.

Expansion Growth

This is the numerical increase of the church within its own community. We wall want our churches to grow. I couldn’t stand just maintaining the same number of people year in and year out. God has not called us just to maintain. He has called us to “occupy until He comes.” (Luke 19:10)

Extension Growth

Extension growth takes place when a church plants a daughter church in a surrounding area, or when it releases qualified leaders to take over ministry positions in other churches. Some churches are in smaller communities, and will never have a church with a large number of members. But, they can still bear fruit through the people they send out to minister in other places.


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