7 Types of Church Planting

The Mother-Daughter Model
  • An existing church plants in close proximity to itself.
  • People and resources are released from the mother church.
  • The mother church usually carries all of the expenses.
The Apostolic Team Model
  • A new work in a larger center lying outside the reach of an existing Victory church.
  • A pastor/planter and several experienced full-time or lay leaders form a team.
  • Financial support comes from VCI for a certain period of time.
The Single Apostolic Model
  • Planting in a smaller area, but outside the reach of an existing Victory church.
  • A pastor and his family move into the area.
  • Funding comes through VCI.
The Pioneer Church Model
  • Begins with a person who sees the need, or has a burden for an area.
  • Must be a reasonably credible person.
  • VCI may not be sure this person can do it, but we’re willing to take a risk on him.
  • He/she may use the VCI name, but receives little or not financial support.
The Partnership Model
  • A region of churches work together to plant a new church.
  • There may not be any one church within the region that is strong enough to plant a church by itself. So, it partners with other churches in the region, and a church is planted.
  • A single local church may have an opportunity to plant a church, but may not have enough resources. By partnering with VCI (which will supply the extra resources), a new work can be planted.
The Re-Plant Model
  • This involves an established church that used to be “alive”, but has dwindled in numbers, and has approached VCI concerning membership.
  • VCI will set in a pastor, give it a new name, and a major thrust to replant.
  • This takes place when a church which shares our vision seeks to come into relationship with VCI.
  • The Victory vision is distinctive, but it is not exclusive. There are others who share the same dream.


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