Victory Fellowship of Churches and Ministers

  1. The Mother-Daughter Model
    1. An existing church plants in close proximity to itself.
    2. People and resources are released from the mother church.
    3. The mother church usually carries all of the expenses.
  1. The Apostolic Team Model
    1. A new work in a larger center lying outside the reach of an existing Victory church.
    2. A pastor/planter and several experienced full-time or lay leaders form a team.
    3. Financial support comes from VCI for a certain period of time.
  1. The Single Apostolic Model
    1. Planting in a smaller area, but outside the reach of an existing Victory church.
    2. A pastor and his family move into the area.
    3. Funding comes through VCI.
  1. The Pioneer Church Model
    1. Begins with a person who sees the need, or has a burden for an area.
    2. Must be a reasonably credible person.
    3. VCI may not be sure this person can do it, but we’re willing to take a risk on him.
    4. He/she may use the VCI name, but receives little or not financial support.
  1. The Partnership Model
    1. A region of churches work together to plant a new church.
    2. There may not be any one church within the region that is strong enough to plant a church by itself. So, it partners with other churches in the region, and a church is planted.
    3. A single local church may have an opportunity to plant a church, but may not have enough resources. By partnering with VCI (which will supply the extra resources), a new work can be planted.
  1. The Re-Plant Model
    1. This involves an established church that used to be “alive”, but has dwindled in numbers, and has approached VCI concerning membership.
    2. VCI will set in a pastor, give it a new name, and a major thrust to replant.
  1. Adoption
    1. This takes place when a church which shares our vision seeks to come into relationship with VCI.
    2. The Victory vision is distinctive, but it is not exclusive. There are others who share the same dream.

Drs. George & Hazel Hill

GeorgeandHazel-01Drs. George & Hazel Hill are the founders of Victory Churches International, a church planting organization in 42 nations around the world. Their Apostolic and Prophetic ministry has kept Victory Churches on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the earth. They continue raising up leaders and teams with the Victory Spirit.

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