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Dear Victory Family & Friends,

01The Victory Family Home of Champions (VFHC), Kisumu has experienced an amazing transformation since Victory Children’s Homes took over the home in March of 2013. When we took over ownership of the home it was in a devastating state. The 166 children that called the orphanage home were sick and malnourished, living in broken down buildings and sleeping on flee ridden mattresses. The facility was experience many issues such as continual sewer, vehicles in disrepair and a dismal and discouraged staff that had not been paid in a year or more. But thanks to all of the Victory Family, staff, missions teams, volunteers and donations that the home has had in the past 2 years, our children are happy, healthy and have a bright future ahead of them!



Today the home is thriving! We have a school ranging from Nursery to Primary and High School with a transitional program for young people moving from High School to Colleges and Life Skills Programs and independent living.

Just recently we acquired to new vehicles which with be of great assistance to the management and running of the home. We now have a tuktuk and a land rover. Both of these vehicles have been badly needed and the staff are thrilled to have them.


03Pastor Patricia Dennis, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently gave up her pastorate to move to the home and is working alongside Pastors Luke and Susan Omolo as co-director for the home. Looking after much of the running of the home and assisting Missions Teams that come to visit the home. She is also a certified counselor and social worker and is working with our Kenyan staff to assure our children are well taken care of.


05Donna Malloy is a registered nurse from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has been at the home since 2013 volunteering as our full-time, on-site nurse. She has become one of the family and is affectionately referred to as madam tablet by the children.


06Missions teams have been a huge asset in the transformation of this home. They have helped us by renovating the broken down buildings; building swings and slides for the children along with cloths lines water system and sewerage along with all the needed fixing, planting fruit trees and much much more. . We are not finished yet, but we are on our way. We are in need of a new building which would house offices; missionary housing and a Learning Centers for our orphaned children. This is a 2015 project and will require the help of many to see it accomplished.


What Can I do?

- Visit of of our Victory Children's Homes! Contact our missions office for information on upcoming trips.

- Sponsor a child, contact Lori Peters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Plan a trip to our Baja Missions base in Ensenada, Mexico! Contact Tom and Laurie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Contact our office or visit our website for more information on missions trips and opportunities. Go to

Pray For:

- Drs. George and Hazel Hill that they would receive protection, direction and inspiration as they lead this movement.

- Wisdom, favor and success for Garth Storms and the new Life Skills Training Program.

- The staff and volunteers and VFHC, Kisumu as they care for all of the children.

- Our children to feel the love of Christ and enter into a deeper relationship with Him.


Drs. George & Hazel Hill

GeorgeandHazel-01Drs. George & Hazel Hill are the founders of Victory Churches International, a church planting organization in 42 nations around the world. Their Apostolic and Prophetic ministry has kept Victory Churches on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the earth. They continue raising up leaders and teams with the Victory Spirit.

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