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South Sudan is a landlocked nation in East Africa that is bordered by six other African nations. The capital city is Juba, which is also the largest city in the country.

South Sudan became an independent state in July 2011 and has experienced internal conflict since its independence.

Pastor Godwin has a burden to see the nation of South Sudan saved. Amidst all the conflict he has chosen to shine the light of peace and truth through the gospel of Christ.

Victory Churches is proud to partner with this vision and see as many as possible come to the Lord.

Pastors Terry Murphy & David Yemba from Regina have recently visited South Sudan to see first hand what Victory Churches is doing there. They were able to do some crusades and prison ministry and saw over 150 prisoners come to Christ when presented with the gospel in one prison visit.

A Testimony From Pastor Terry Murphy about the Leadership: “The team seems very committed to Jesus and to advancing the Kingdom of God through the church. During our leadership training times I asked if they had been baptized in the Holy Spirit. In almost a Biblical scene they responded they were not aware of such a baptism. After teaching on the subject we took them aside and prayed for them. Praise God the whole leadership team present (about 8 in attendance at that time) all received as evidenced by speaking in other tongues. The presence of God was tangible, and at that moment I realized this was the main reason for our trip. One can only imagine how this will dramatically impact their witness going forward!

We are anticipating great things to come out of South Sudan!

Please pray for:

- The expansion of God’s kingdom in South Sudan

- Peace to come to a country with continual internal conflict and political unrest.

- Safety and God’s protecting hand over Pastor Godwin Ale and his family.

- Land and resources to properly establish the church and a headquarters in South Sudan.

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