Dear Victory Family & Friends,

Not4Sale was birthed with the passion and desire to do something to help children caught in human trafficking. Since the opening of our first home in Cambodia two years ago, that desire in so many people has resulted in creating a safe and caring environment for over seventy children.

Not4Sale is the first anti-trafficking initiative for Victory Children’s Homes International Foundation. We are excited to be in Cambodia and have set our roots down in Siem Reap, a major tourist area close to the famous “Angkor Watt” temples.

The first stage of this project was to survey the land and meet the people and the organizations that are playing a part in the abolition of trafficking and underage prostitution in Cambodia. Mission accomplished! We are now well connected into this land which has so amazingly opened the doors to us.

In This Issue:


Children as young as three years old are illegally trafficked and sexually abused in secret rooms of public brothels. They are offered several times per day to tourists and locals alike, and earn money for their abductors and keepers. These children have no one to go to for help, and thus endure horrific abuse for many years of their lives.

The vision of Not4Sale is to raise funds and to establish safe-houses for children who are exploited in the sex industry. Not4Sale already has two safe-house and one prevention school up and running in the area, providing long-term safe-havens and education to numerous young boys and girls, however many more are needed. The number of children exploited in the sex-trade industry is staggering, and the need for help is real and immediate.


- 35% of Cambodia's 15,000 prostitutes are children under the age of 16.

- Pimps are reported to imprison young children who are virgins and not put them to work until they have been presented to a series of bidders.

- Young girls working in brothels are in effect, sex slaves; they receive no money, only food, and armed guards stop them from running away.

- Children are held captive, beaten, and starved to force them into prostitution.

- Children as young as 5 years old are being sold as slaves for sex.

- Each year hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are bought, sold or kidnapped and then forced to have sex with grown men.

02How Can You Help??

Firstly, your prayers will make all the difference. Pray that the children who have been rescued receive healing an wholeness through our efforts and a relationship with Jesus. Pray that the abusers would be captured and brought to justice. And that prevention efforts would help to save many other children from falling into the hands of traffickers.

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Prayer Requests:

- Pray for Drs. George & Hazel Hill that they would receive protection, direction and inspiration as they lead this movement.


- Pray for the Global Christmas Feeding Program as preparations begin for the 2014 Christmas season.
To contribute visit our Victory Children's Homes Website by clicking here
or donate through your local Victory Church or by contacting our office.

- Pray for the children rescued through Not4Sale. Pray for healing, restoration and that they would be able to

- Pray for our overseas missionaries who have moved their lives to the other side of the world to help our children's projects and that they would have the highest impact that they can.

- Pray that more support would come in to help support this work. Pray for creative fundraising ideas and opportunities to arise to help this ministry expand and save the lives of more children.

- Pray for favor with the government and the courts in Cambodia so that offenders are charged and the businesses that exploit children be shut down.

- Pray for the expansion of our prevention schools that help to educate children and keep them out of the view of traffickers.

Missions Opportunities


- Visit one of our Victory Children's Homes! Touch the life of a child and experience transformation in your own life! Contact our missions office for more information and for upcoming trips and missions opportunities.

- Sponsor a child or widow through our Victory Sponsorship Program and change someone's life today!
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